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Over 10 years in the nonprofit arena. Talented, results-producing professional with a proven record planning and leading comprehensive communication strategies in support of business goals and objectives. Public speaking experience. Solid leadership skills; able to build and guide top-performing teams. Strong relationship development (both international and domestic).

Doug Riggle

Doug has served on the board of a number of nonprofits including start ups, domestic and international. Additionally he's currently the founder and president of Orphan World Relief. Much of what he's learned along the way he uses to support others starting their own nonprofit. 

He is also a public speaker, mainly on his passion, orphans and at-risk kids and a published author. 

Who needs sleep? In 2011 Doug quit his job in corporate America (after 24 years) to migrate to the nonprofit world. His passion is to see his own nonprofit, Orphan World Relief, grow and mature.


Along the way, he's been cutting his teeth helping other nonprofits, writing and living life. 

Orphan World Relief - As President of Orphan World Relief, Doug's main focus is on development and relationship building (and bookkeeping, administration, office cleaning...etc.). For the past five years Orphan World Relief increased donations over the year before ... which means they've been able to double the support they provide to orphan programs and have increased the programs they support from three to six.  

Board Service - Currently, Doug serves on the Advisory board of Bethany Chrsitian Services in Columbus Ohio. In the past, he has served on the boards of Italian Ministries USA and Merge Middle School MinistriesItalian Ministries USA supports missionaries working throughout Italy. Merge Middle School Ministries works with middle school kids to help them make their faith their own at a critical junction in life - middle school.

Church Involvement - Since 1996, Doug has been pleased to call Linworth Road Church his home. While there he worked with various ministries including: DivorceCare and their Singles Ministry. He spent two years as their Administrative Assistant working at the front desk to improve processes and communications. Lately he's been involved in helping others identify their spiritual gifts as Ministry Development Director and as part of their Deacon Team helping others with career guidance. 

YOUR Testimony: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Everyone who has put his or her faith in Jesus Christ has a unique story to tell. All God asks us to do is tell that story to others. What makes your story so unique is that there is not another story like it in the universe.

Whether you are working through this individually or as part of a group, this study will help you craft your personal story so that others can benefit from your experience being saved by the creator of the universe.

Your story may be simple; that's all right. Simple or complex, God wants to put people in your path who need to hear what you have to say. But we learn by doing.

I hope this Bible study provides you with the courage to tell others what you've experienced.

  • It is not verse memorization

  • It is not about complex diagrams

  • Open your mouth.

  • Tell your story.


Tell the second greatest story ever told because it's your story. At the moment, Doug is working with a new publisher to get the bible study back in print... more to come!