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Coaching is a fluid process based on your needs. After our initial consultation, we can set up a two-year contract and meet to walk through your needs of the moment. During our initial consultation, we will discuss possible future sessoins billed at $50/hour. 

Initial Consultation - $100

During our initial consultation we discuss your nonprofit idea: What's your idea? Why now? What difference do you want to make in the community, the city, state, country...etc.? What makes you different from other nonprofits?

Ongoing Consultation - $50/hour

There are a number of ways our ongoing sessions can go based on your needs. Topics can include:

  • setting up a legal entity

  • filing a 1023 with the IRS

  • building a board of directors

  • operations (accounting, insurance, annual calendar)

  • policy development

  • technology needs

  • fundraising & development

  • marketing (social media and website)

  • building a brand

  • volunteer management

  • growth through partnerships

  • problem brainstorming

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consultation is not legal advice. At every step of the way we will encourage you to seek appropriate legal advice.

Set up an initial consultation:

Board Conference - $2,000

You have your board, now what? Two days with your newly formed board is a great way to kick off your nonprofit. During our time together we'll work on building a shared vision; team building; board members and their responsibility for development; and, the legal responsibility for serving on a board.