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Orphans, Adoption, Life

Westerville, OH, July 11, 2017

Life can be wonderfully complex and when adoption enters the equation, it can be stressful beyond belief. At the same time, adoption can enrich more than just the life of the one being adopted. Through my blog posts I explore life as an adoptee and an adoptive father.

Stories are an amazing way to connect with people. The world has gone through novels, short stories, poems and a countless array of literary types.

In the 21st century, blogs have become an amazing medium to tell stories and connect people at a deeper level than a novel or a short story. 

Most of the blog posts in my book cover various parts of my adoption journey both as an adopted child and as a father who took a risk and adopted a teenager. 

We need to be better at learning from one another and if my blog posts help others along their personal journey (regardless of the path they're on) then read on!

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